Who I am

I am a Soul, R&B, Pop singer and songwriter.

Tonight Is Young

Somebody Else

Over It

I'm Every Woman (Cover)

I´d Rather Go Blind (Cover)

Oh Happy Day (Cover)


Stuff I love

  • Writing Lyrics

  • Making Music

  • Photoshootings

  • Good Coffee



Rosalina Andra Biolan (born 6 June, 1993 in Romania) is a Soul, R&B, Pop singer and songwriter possessing a three-and-a-half octave vocal range. She started singing at age 5 being ispired by artists such as Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many others. She performed at diferent events in her natal city since she was 11 and went to different music festivals around the country where she received several awards, some of them including “Best interpretation” , “Award of originality” and “Voice of her generation”. Rosalina started to record covers of the most influencial songs in the music industry. She wrote songs for her studio friends and producers and for her own projects. During High School she used to sing with the choir in different cities around the country and went to Bucharest to join Crina Mardare ́s "Music Experience" school in 2011 for continuing the vocal training. In 2012 she became a member of an entertainment group and in 2013 she was invited to sing with the Flight Unlimited band in Nuremberg, Germany. After finishing High School, Rosalina received the title of "Voice of the Promotion"& many others. Her other hobbys are dancing, painting, photography and practicing acrobatic gymnastics. She is also a Photomodel.

In may 2013 Rossalina left her natal country, home, family and friends and even abandoned University to follow her dreams. She went alone to Germany once again where she started to sing in a club with famous people like Sir.Waldo Weathers(the saxophonist of James Brown, father of soul) and Greg McKoy, the musical director of Milli Vanilli and the“Barry White Experience” band. She shared the stage with grammy-nominee drummer of Prince, Mr. David Haynes and former Mary J. Blige guitarist, Ray Mahumane and also with singer Penny Ford from the “Snap!” band.

Rossalina got hired to sing at different private events and attended jam sessions every week . Greg McKoy was so impressed of Rossalina’s singing skills saying that she sounds amazing having such a powerful and distinct voice, calling it “God's gift”. She was also a member of the following bands: Surprise Party Band(singing as lead), Jam with us The band(backing vocalist), Soul-Litos(backing vocalist and lead singer). The biggest project she was involved in, is the tribute band called “The Barry White Experience” were she was singing as a backing vocalist and also in duet with soul singer Eric Conley. Recently, Rossalina created her very own project, called “Rossalina&band” and has started working on writing and producing original songs.